Meet Dr. Harwood

Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Adam Harwood knew he wanted to be a dentist when he was still a child. Decades later he is considered one of the best endodontists in Lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village.

Professional Associations:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of Endodontists

Education & Continuing Education

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Endodontics – Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
  • Graduate Degree – Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
  • Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation
  • Undergraduate Degree – Hobart College

Dr. Harwood also taught endodontics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, New York University School of Dentistry, and at Metropolitan Hospital Center. He is passionate about learning and is committed to bringing the latest technology to his practice.

Dr. Harwood was the first endodontist in New York to use a surgical operating microscope, for which he received extensive training at the Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation.

Outside of the Office

On the personal front, Dr. Harwood and his wife Linda are very involved in the lives of their three teenage children and large extended family. He is also an Eagle Scout and volunteers as the Scoutmaster of Troop 267 and the Boy Scouts’ National Honor Society, where he instills in his scouts the ethical and leadership lessons he’s learned over the years.

He also happens to be a great cook and a fabulous dancer!

Awards & Honors

What Makes Us Different

Single Use Instruments

We know your health and wellbeing is critical, that’s why we take every precaution to protect against potential infection. At our office, we only use surgical grade steal instruments that are used once and then discarded.

3D Imaging / CBCT

What makes our surgeries so successful? It’s microscopic precision, and it starts with cutting edge technologies like the CBCT scan which produces a 3D image of the tooth allowing for pinpoint microscopic accuracy and a lasting tooth repair.  Learn more about our CBCT technology.


America’s Best Dentists

National Consumer Advisory Board



America’s Top Dentists

Consumer Research Council of America

2005 – 2018



American Association of Endodontists

Since 1985

  • I have just completed a root canal with Dr. Harwood. This is the second tooth he has treated. He re-did an existing root canal, originally done 9 years ago that failed due primarily to the fact that the previous endodontist did not use a microscope and could not see the multiple other roots in the tooth. I cannot say enough about Dr. Harwood's care, compassion and patience. He is available by phone at all times and immediately addresses all questions. He anticipates potential pain issues, working collaboratively with the patient. In my case, I required 2 trials of different antibiotics. He prescribed narcotics at my request which I didn't need, managing the pain in between treatments with Tylenol and Advil. There was no pain during the 3 appointments I had. It was fun and interesting to learn about my teeth and the particular tooth in question which turned out to be complex, with 5 roots instead of the 1 root which was originally filled. Dr. Harwood worked with my particular situation. No cookie cutter treatment here! Individualized, professional treatment with a thoroughly experienced clinician to guide you through the process. Need I say more?

    V J.

  • Doctor Harwood put me at ease as soon as I met him. He explained each step of the procedure, which included the pictures of the x-rays that are displayed on a computer screen in front of you. I could clearly see, given his detailed explanation, the reason I needed a root canal. Was there discomfort? Sure, but absolutely no pain. Nobody wants a root canal, but I highly recommend Dr. Harwood in the event you do!
    Paul S.
  • I had to have a root canal, which I'd never undergone before. I was dreading the experience, especially after a friend told me about a really bad root canal with a dental student. Dr. Harwood not only made it pain-free, but also made sure to explain everything that he was going to do and, during the procedure, what he was doing. Aside from the first pinches of anesthesia in my cheek, I didn't feel a thing during the procedure. He was also very clear in explaining what's normal once the anesthesia wears off and what merits a phone call and possible follow-up visit.

    Vikki L.

  • OK, so I am 60. So a root canal I had 13 years ago failed. I found Adam Harwood who bought the office where I had my initial root canal done. But now I am very tender and swollen. In steps Adam Harwood and in 2 visits revises my root canal via microscopic technique and now I am totally symptom free. Catherine his office manager is amazing and knowledgable. He takes most insurance plans. He is very very competent and easy to see. If need an endodontist go see Dr Harwood!

    Lee S.

  • I was very stressed with a tooth that broke with the crown leaving not able to smile. I went to a dentist that suggested that I see a surgeon to remove the post. My dentist called a surgeon and he told me that I would have to wait a week in order for him to remove the post for me. In tears, I came back to my office and found Dr. Harwood's contact information. I explained my situation to Dr. Harwood and asked how soon I would be able to see him. He told me "right now." I went right over and the receptionist was very polite. She asked me to hang my coat and set me in a room. Within a few minutes, Dr. Harwood was by my side. I was afraid that I would be in a lot of pain because dentists are usually not my favorite people. I can tell you that not only was Dr. Harwood gentle and knowledgeable but the entire procedure was not painful. He put a smile on my face and I was able to go back to my dentist and finish what I had already started.
    Carmen B.
  • I called his office Friday morning at 9am in a panic because I was traveling and my porcelain veneer came out. He's not my dentist, mine was on vacation and referred me to him. His receptionist was so unbelievably helpful, she told me not to worry and spent about 30 minutes doing research on dentists in New Mexico (where I was traveling!) I couldn't believe that kind of helpfulness and kindness, just out of the goodness of her heart. I'm not even a regular patient!! Above and beyond, seriously. Give her a hug and a raise!!!

    Louisa J.

  • Dr Harwood saved my two teeth. He is a talented and kind doctor. I highly recommend him !!!!!!!

    After nearly one year of discomfort, I am pain free because I went to Dr Harwood for a second opinion.

    Last year I kept getting infections in my mouth after two root canal procedures were done by my previous endodontist. That dentist also said I should expect to have one tooth extracted and replaced with an implant because it was cracked and kept getting infected.

    When I saw Dr Harwood, he removed the temporary crown,which allowed the root canal material to pop out followed by pus. Dr Harwood determined my tooth had become cracked because it was drilled on a diagonal, creating a "canal" , which was filled, while leaving the infected two root untreated. Dr Harwood treated the infected roots and saved the tooth even though it was cracked!

    Dr Harwood then looked at the other tooth and determined it was not "packed " tightly. Decay had started around the crown and the crown was removed, the root canal was redone. The odd sensations and discomfort in the tooth disappeared.

    Both teeth are free of infections, pain and discomfort and it has been over 9 months.

    Hooray For Dr Harwood!

    Virginia Wolff

  • I've had way too many root-canal procedures in my life so I know how painful they can be - but I had a completely different experience with Dr. Harwood. I felt absolutely no pain during the injections and the procedure itself. Dr. Harwood explained everything to me in detail, showed me the X-rays, described the procedure and patiently answered every question I had. His "chairside"-manners are excellent. He worked quickly and efficiently and he is not only extremely professional but also understanding, caring and very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Harwood to anyone who needs a painless and well-done root canal.
    Johanna Rauch
  • My entire life I've feared getting a root canal. After being recommended to Dr. Harwood by a friend, I knew I would be in good hands. My root canal was significant, but the procedure was painless and other than a little soreness the night of (which quickly went away with some Advil) the next day I was completely free of pain. Not to mention the front desk staff is lovely. If anyone asks me the best doctor to see to get a root canal, I will absolutely recommend Dr. Harwood. Thank you so much!

    Nora P.

  • I was in terrible pain and called Dr. Harwood's office. He told me to come immediately, and he stayed late until we were finished. He was professional yet compassionate and, unlike other dentists I've been to, I hardly felt the injections. He did the root canal, and I left his office pain free. This was a few years ago, and since then, I've never had another problem with that tooth. I must say, that my experience with Dr. Harwood was the best for my root canal.
    Jody F.
  • Dr. Harwood's root canal was less painful than getting my teeth cleaned! I have VERY sensitive and brittle teeth. Before meeting Dr. Harwood I had lost three teeth to cracking from root canals. Being extremely wary of root canals I reluctantly went to Dr. Harwood on the recommendation of my dentist. I was prepared for the worst. There was no need for the worry. Throughout the entire procedure, he informed me of what he was doing removing much anxiety from the situation. He has now performed two exquisite root canals with extremely minimal discomfort and perfect results. Bravo.
    Marlene M.

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