Dr. Harwood Goes 3-D

Dr. Harwood Goes 3-D
February 13, 2017 Adam Harwood

Dr. Harwood Goes 3-D

You Don’t Need Glasses for This Feature!

We are thrilled to introduce our new Carestream 3D extra-oral imaging system to our Fifth Avenue practice! This advanced system will provide us with high-quality, accurate 3D images to provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses; improved treatment planning, and better patient care.

While conventional x-rays have traditionally been essential in endodontics, recent advances in dental technology like 3D x-rays, have provided a much more detailed look at the teeth requiring treatment – with low levels of radiation.

Take a look at the difference!

The sharp, highly detailed and contrasted images captured by the CS 8100 3D give patients a unique view of their own dental structure, allowing them to see and understand exactly what I see and explain.

The 3D images will be available for almost immediate viewing and can be easily shared with referring doctors or insurance carriers, which means quicker turnaround between diagnosis and treatment.

The system’s open design makes exams more comfortable for patients, with both seated and standing options to accommodate patients of all sizes, even those in wheelchairs.

Have any questions about our new machine? Feel free to reach out for answers or to come by for an in-person demo!