Keep Your Smile Healthy on Halloween

Keep Your Smile Healthy on Halloween
October 21, 2018 Adam Harwood

5 Tips For Fighting Tooth Decay from Extra Sweets

Kids love candy. Adults love candy too. On Halloween and the days following, there will be no shortage of it. You may have bought too much to possibly give out and your kids brought home more than anyone could possibly eat.

Now there’s a big bowl of candy sitting in your pantry or in the middle of the kitchen table.  It stares at you, it talks to you and once in a while you cave. Don’t feel guilty. It’s okay to indulge – as long as you take the proper precautions to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy when enjoying some sweets.

Saliva protects your teeth

Eating candy around mealtime can reduce the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the corrosive sugars in candy. Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum can have the same effect. That’s because the excess saliva you produce will wash away any candy left behind.

Choose the right candy

Don’t eat hard candy that you keep in your mouth for a long time. The longer the candy sits in your mouth, the more you are putting yourself at risk of tooth decay. Stay away from sticky candies like taffy as well. Sticky candies will stay stuck on and in between your teeth for longer periods of time.

Drink more water

Water will dilute the acidic environment that the candy creates in your mouth. It will also help wash away anything that is sticking around in your mouth too long. Try hot water not only for better cleansing but to help digestion of the candy too.

Have a candy rationing system

When your kids come home with the big bag of candy, have each member of the family choose their favorite kinds and find some way to dispose of the rest. Bring a bag to the office. Or donate the candy to a local charity or a senior citizen home.

Enjoy a healthy Halloween, don’t let candy stress bring you down, and always snack responsibly.