Listen to Your Gut When It Comes To a Toothache

Listen to Your Gut When It Comes To a Toothache
July 10, 2018 Adam Harwood

We all experience an ache in our teeth here and there. Sometimes the pain may just be caused from that piece of gum you have been chewing on for hours, the popcorn kernel that has been lodged in between your molars since movie night, the cavity you have yet to get filled, or that filling that has never felt quite right. Yet sometimes, that pain can be linked to something way more serious.

The Warning Signs

Is your tooth sensitive to hot and cold more than ever before? After you take that first big sip of your morning coffee, are you left stunned by the pain of the initial splash on your tooth? One spoonful of ice cream and you’re on the verge of tears? Sensitivity to hot and cold is an indicator that there is something wrong with the tooth where the pain is resonating from. If this is the case, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your endodontist ASAP.

The Scary Truth

A root canal may be the single most feared dental procedure of them all, a complete nightmare for some. Yet ignoring the pain is the worst possible decision you can make. The sooner you address the problem the better. Delaying the inevitable will only harm your tooth, and create more pain that you will have to endure. After discovering a root canal will be in your near future, it is perfectly normal for the nerves to start to kick in.

Free At Last

As nerve-racking as the news you just received about needing a root canal may be, there have been monumental steps taken to ensure that your procedure is as pain-free as possible. After all, you’re getting this procedure done to alleviate the immense amount of pain you have been feeling, not to cause any more pain. Sure you will feel a bit sore following the procedure, but nothing will be better than when you can finally drink your morning coffee or enjoy a tub of ice cream pain-free again!