Save Your Tooth Month/Root Canal Awareness Week 2019

Save Your Tooth Month/Root Canal Awareness Week 2019
May 6, 2019 Adam Harwood

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has declared the month of May Save Your Tooth Month!  And to help raise awareness about tooth loss prevention, the association is sponsoring a special contest that runs the entire month.

Entering is easy. Simply create your own custom digital promotion for Save Your Tooth month; this could be anything from a photo, a video clip or an internet meme you design. Once you’ve completed making your masterpiece, post it to your Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook account, making sure you tag the AAE and use the hashtag, #SYTM2019.

Alternatively, you can submit your digital promotion by sending it as an email directly to

Every week a new winner will be announced and awarded fun prizes – as well as having their entry featured on all of the AAE’s social channels.

Our teeth are a gateway to our overall health. Let’s help spread awareness on the importance of saving our natural teeth.

And there’s even more news! Appropriately occurring within Save Your Tooth Month is National Root Canal Awareness Week – which is the week of May 6th – 12th.

This year will mark the 13th annual Root Canal Awareness Week, and the goal this year is to spread awareness of the importance of keeping your natural teeth. How? You can help spread awareness about Root Canal Awareness week by using the hashtag #RCAW on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t be shy about showing off your beaming smile!

General dentists and endodontists create a dynamic duo when it comes to saving your teeth. Typically, your dentist will spot some of the symptoms indicative of a root canal and, once confirmed, they will refer you to an endodontist, a dental professional who specializes in root canals.

According to a survey by the ADA, the average endodontist completes 25 root-canal treatments a week, while a general dentist performs only about 2 root-canals a week. So it’s important to trust your root canal to a specialist.

Our natural teeth are worth keeping and if we care about our teeth, they have a natural ally in endodontists – professionals dedicated to saving and optimizing one’s natural teeth.