Ways To Relieve Root Canal Anxiety

Ways To Relieve Root Canal Anxiety
November 5, 2019 Adam Harwood

If you are nervous and experiencing some anxiety after being told you need a root canal, you are not alone! Many patients get very anxious when they know they need this dental procedure because they think it will be a very painful experience. Here are some things to think about that can help alleviate those anxious feelings:

  1. Keep in mind WHY you are getting a root canal in the first place. You are probably already in a load of discomfort and want to be pain-free again. Well, the answer to that is a root canal. A root canal will completely heal this situation and eliminate the discomfort that a tooth infection brings along.
  2. A root canal can ultimately save your tooth. Without a root canal, most of the time your tooth would have to be extracted. This is the only way to prevent it from spreading to your other teeth.
  3. If you are not comfortable with being awake for this procedure, you can request dental sedation.
  4. Meditation before and during this dental procedure can alleviate your stress by calming your nerves and your mind. Focusing on your breathing for about 5-10 minutes can reduce your heart rate and lighten your mood tremendously. Aromatherapy, or using pure essential oils, can be incorporated into this as well for the best results!
  5. Music can distract you and calm your nerves. If your brain is focusing on the music, you most likely are not going to be focusing on the harsh noises that you hear while the procedure is being performed. So don’t forget your iPods – sometimes the endodontist even has a sound system he/she can tailor to your musical interests.