What Happens if Your Root Canal Fails?

What Happens if Your Root Canal Fails?
July 15, 2018 Adam Harwood

You’ve just left the endodontist’s office, happy that your root canal procedure is finally complete. You’re looking forward to your new, pain-free existence… Except, after a few days, the pain is still with you – and you can’t figure out why.

During a root canal, generally, all the inflamed or infected tissue is removed. Unfortunately, the root canal procedure is very complex and there are many tiny branches off the main canal where infected tissue is sometimes able to remain.

This is when an apicoectomy may be needed.

What happens during an apicoectomy? Essentially, the root tip is removed along with the infected tissue. A filling will then be applied to seal the end of the root.

Performing an apicoectomy is generally a last resort after a one root canal and retreatment has proved to be unsuccessful or impossible to do. While no one likes to hear their root canal has failed, it’s important that your endodontist finish the job they began and restore your dental health.

Some good news? Even though an apicoectomy is considered oral surgery, many patients report that the recovery is faster and better than the original root canal’s.