Our Approach

We greatly appreciate this opportunity to deliver exceptional endodontic intervention to your patients. We consider our office an extension of yours, and in the interest of better serving you and your patients, we have provided these materials as a reference tool to ease the referral process. Since many patients are apprehensive about endodontic treatment, we have included information on what patients can expect during their initial and subsequent visits. Step by step patient information educates patients on what to expect. This reassures patients, addresses questions, and will be useful in the disclosure for treatment planning. This results in a positive patient experience. Teamwork between our offices is critical to the optimal oral and overall health of your patients. We recognize that when your patients are visiting our office, in addition to yours, communication must be accurate and timely. Please refer to the “Winning Team” section which outlines our routine correspondence to referring practices.

We believe that our clinical experience, as well as our commitment to a high standard of customer service for both patients and referring offices, distinguishes our office from other specialty practices. We will work toward motivating your patients to follow up with the required restorative treatment in your office with patient education. You can be confident that when you refer patients to our office, they will receive high-quality clinical care as well as the personal, individualized attention they deserve. Again, we thank you for your referrals and want to do everything we can to ensure the ease of the referral process. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or special requests to tailor the referral and treatment processes to your needs. We are always striving to maintain our reputation and be the best that we can be.

First Things First

When your patient calls our office to schedule their initial exam, we will collaborate with them to find an appointment that meets their needs. An emergency case will be accommodated with same day appointments and all treatment measures to alleviate immediate discomfort will be performed then.

We ask patients to bring any dental and medical insurance cards so that we can submit predeterminations to help determine the benefit of endodontic care.

The Initial Evaluation and Consultation

After collecting the patient’s medical and dental histories, we will assess and investigate any health concerns that may avert routine treatment. This step allows us to consider treatment options for those patients having specific health indications and may require pre-medication or more time allotment for recovery.

During the initial consultation, our doctor will meet your patient in a comfortable consulting operatory wherein all necessary radiographs and intraoral examinations are completed. Dr. Aaronson will then discuss the findings and disclose treatment options centralized to benefit the patient and converge upon a treatment plan.

We feel that the key to a successful and stable restoration is to take the “unknown” out of endodontic care and replace it with concise patient-centered information. Through education, our goal is to give the patient a clear understanding of the benefits of completed treatment by utilizing past patient testimonials, comparative patient diagnostics, and other resources. In addition, by emphasizing that treatment is incomplete until a final coronal restoration is placed by their general dentist, ensures that your patient is back in your chair for follow-up. Potential risks, failure incidence, and complications that may be associated with the procedure are also disclosed in the initial exam.

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