Patient Reviews

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  • LIz was awesome! professional, courteous, efficient and very friendly. I highly recommend working with her.

    Esther Maymon

  • I’m satisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. Harwood. I will definitely come back to him if I need to do another root canal, although I wish I won’t have to And Liz at the front desk is also super nice!!

    Minho Roh

  • The experience is amazing. Doctor Harwood is very experienced and nice!

    Boen Jiang

  • I am immensely grateful to Dr. Harwood and his office manager Liz. I had an incredibly difficult root canal–my dentist attempted the procedure three times but couldn’t finish it because the anesthesia didn’t work. (Possibly one of the most painful experiences I’ve had.) She referred me to a specialist in Brooklyn. It took me two weeks to get an appointment with a specialist in Brooklyn and when I told him about my situation he said he didn’t know what to do and told me to find another endodontist. By then, I was in an immense amount of pain and sure I was about to lose a tooth. I randomly found Dr. Harwood through my insurance and his wonderful office manager, Liz, managed to squeeze me in the next day. Dr. Harwood was kind and considerate and realized why the anesthesia didn’t work and scheduled me for the procedure a week later. He did what I thought was an incredibly complicated root canal flawlessly; I was in absolutely no pain. (Even his dental chairs have this amazing padding that’s more comfortable than any dental chair I’ve sat in!)  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a positive experience in a dental/specialist office. (Plus, Liz is amazing–she even helped me deal with my insurance!) I am so fortunate to have visited this office and can’t recommend Dr. Harwood enough! (If I have another root canal, I’m definitely coming back!)  He is a world-class specialist.

    Michael Orbach

  • Thank you so much! Dr, Harwood is the BEST!. that I have met in NYC. Need a Root Canal please go see him. Liz was very nice and helpful.


  • Everyone was friendly and helpful at Dr.Harwood’s. and I received excellent care for my emergency root canal. Highly recommend.


  • My entire life I’ve feared getting a root canal. After being recommended to Dr. Harwood by a friend, I knew I would be in good hands. My root canal was significant, but the procedure was painless and other than a little soreness the night of (which quickly went away with some Advil) the next day I was completely free of pain. Not to mention the front desk staff is lovely. If anyone asks me the best doctor to see to get a root canal, I will absolutely recommend Dr. Harwood. Thank you so much!

    Nora P.

  • OK, so I am 60. So a root canal I had 13 years ago failed. I found Adam Harwood who bought the office where I had my initial root canal done. But now I am very tender and swollen. In steps Adam Harwood and in 2 visits revises my root canal via microscopic technique and now I am totally symptom free. Catherine his office manager is amazing and knowledgable. He takes most insurance plans. He is very very competent and easy to see. If need an endodontist go see Dr Harwood!

    Lee S.


  • I called his office Friday morning at 9am in a panic because I was traveling and my porcelain veneer came out. He’s not my dentist, mine was on vacation and referred me to him. His receptionist was so unbelievably helpful, she told me not to worry and spent about 30 minutes doing research on dentists in New Mexico (where I was traveling!) I couldn’t believe that kind of helpfulness and kindness, just out of the goodness of her heart. I’m not even a regular patient!! Above and beyond, seriously. Give her a hug and a raise!!!

    Louisa J.

  • I have just completed a root canal with Dr. Harwood. This is the second tooth he has treated. He re-did an existing root canal, originally done 9 years ago that failed due primarily to the fact that the previous endodontist did not use a microscope and could not see the multiple other roots in the tooth. I cannot say enough about Dr. Harwood’s care, compassion and patience. He is available by phone at all times and immediately addresses all questions. He anticipates potential pain issues, working collaboratively with the patient. In my case, I required 2 trials of different antibiotics. He prescribed narcotics at my request which I didn’t need, managing the pain in between treatments with Tylenol and Advil. There was no pain during the 3 appointments I had. It was fun and interesting to learn about my teeth and the particular tooth in question which turned out to be complex, with 5 roots instead of the 1 root which was originally filled. Dr. Harwood worked with my particular situation. No cookie cutter treatment here! Individualized, professional treatment with a thoroughly experienced clinician to guide you through the process. Need I say more?

    V J.