Patient Reviews

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  • Very friendly and professional practice. The office has modern equipment so Dr. Harwood could show me clear images and explain everything I saw on the x-ray. He also explained the entire procedure very thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I recommended him to other family members as well.

    Judy T.

  • Dr. Harwood is a wonderful endodontist. His treatment of my root canal problems was both gentle and professional. He quickly got to the “root” of the problem! I’ve been treated by many well-known New York endodontists and, by comparison, Dr. Harwood provided far superior care and treatment. I can highly recommend Dr. Harwood.

    Natalya S.

  • I was in terrible pain and called Dr. Harwood’s office. He told me to come immediately, and he stayed late until we were finished. He was professional yet compassionate and, unlike other dentists I’ve been to, I hardly felt the injections. He did the root canal, and I left his office pain free. This was a few years ago, and since then, I’ve never had another problem with that tooth. I must say, that my experience with Dr. Harwood was the best for my root canal.

    Jody F.

  • Dr. Harwood’s root canal was less painful than getting my teeth cleaned! I have VERY sensitive and brittle teeth. Before meeting Dr. Harwood I had lost three teeth to cracking from root canals. Being extremely wary of root canals I reluctantly went to Dr. Harwood on the recommendation of my dentist. I was prepared for the worst. There was no need for the worry. Throughout the entire procedure, he informed me of what he was doing removing much anxiety from the situation. He has now performed two exquisite root canals with extremely minimal discomfort and perfect results. Bravo.

    Marlene M.

  • Doctor Harwood put me at ease as soon as I met him. He explained each step of the procedure, which included the pictures of the x-rays that are displayed on a computer screen in front of you. I could clearly see, given his detailed explanation, the reason I needed a root canal. Was there discomfort? Sure, but absolutely no pain. Nobody wants a root canal, but I highly recommend Dr. Harwood in the event you do!
    Paul S.
  • Had a broken Stainless-Steel post.. 1/2 was left in my tooth..Dr.Hardwood did his magic and was able to remove it.. thus saving me from who knows what..I was able to get a new post and reinstall my existing cap.

    Henry B.

  • Dr. Harwood performed a triple root-canal in a wisdom tooth. He was fast (for such procedure) and efficient with a brief explanation of each step. I’m pain-free after 3 days and highly recommend him.

    Lou B.

  • I was very stressed with a tooth that broke with the crown leaving not able to smile. I went to a dentist that suggested that I see a surgeon to remove the post. My dentist called a surgeon and he told me that I would have to wait a week in order for him to remove the post for me. In tears, I came back to my office and found Dr. Harwood’s contact information. I explained my situation to Dr. Harwood and asked how soon I would be able to see him. He told me “right now.” I went right over and the receptionist was very polite. She asked me to hang my coat and set me in a room. Within a few minutes, Dr. Harwood was by my side. I was afraid that I would be in a lot of pain because dentists are usually not my favorite people. I can tell you that not only was Dr. Harwood gentle and knowledgeable but the entire procedure was not painful. He put a smile on my face and I was able to go back to my dentist and finish what I had already started.

    Carmen B.

  • I can’t recommend Dr. Harwood enough. I came in for a root canal and was out quickly with no pain. He is very careful, knowledgeable and professional and really knows how to make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be back to him!

    Claire S.

  • Thanks, Dr. Harwood…finally out of pain!!

    Sean B.