Patient Reviews

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  • Doctor Harwood put me at ease as soon as I met him. He explained each step of the procedure, which included the pictures of the x-rays that are displayed on a computer screen in front of you. I could clearly see, given his detailed explanation, the reason I needed a root canal. Was there discomfort? Sure, but absolutely no pain. Nobody wants a root canal, but I highly recommend Dr. Harwood in the event you do!
    Paul S.
  • Had a broken Stainless-Steel post.. 1/2 was left in my tooth..Dr.Hardwood did his magic and was able to remove it.. thus saving me from who knows what..I was able to get a new post and reinstall my existing cap.

    Henry B.

  • Dr. Harwood performed a triple root-canal in a wisdom tooth. He was fast (for such procedure) and efficient with a brief explanation of each step. I’m pain-free after 3 days and highly recommend him.

    Lou B.

  • I was very stressed with a tooth that broke with the crown leaving not able to smile. I went to a dentist that suggested that I see a surgeon to remove the post. My dentist called a surgeon and he told me that I would have to wait a week in order for him to remove the post for me. In tears, I came back to my office and found Dr. Harwood’s contact information. I explained my situation to Dr. Harwood and asked how soon I would be able to see him. He told me “right now.” I went right over and the receptionist was very polite. She asked me to hang my coat and set me in a room. Within a few minutes, Dr. Harwood was by my side. I was afraid that I would be in a lot of pain because dentists are usually not my favorite people. I can tell you that not only was Dr. Harwood gentle and knowledgeable but the entire procedure was not painful. He put a smile on my face and I was able to go back to my dentist and finish what I had already started.

    Carmen B.

  • I can’t recommend Dr. Harwood enough. I came in for a root canal and was out quickly with no pain. He is very careful, knowledgeable and professional and really knows how to make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be back to him!

    Claire S.

  • Thanks, Dr. Harwood…finally out of pain!!

    Sean B.

  • Grateful for your decision to use the 3d imager that saved me another root canal and alerted me to the cause (not a symptom) of my problem.

    Daniel G.