Post Removal

When the post of a dental implant has been compromised, New York City, NY patients can trust in the expertise and skill of Dr. Harwood. At his Greenwich Village practice, Dr. Harwood is one of a few endodontists trained in the complex procedure of post removal.

Post Removal Q&A

What is a post removal?

A dental post removal is performed when the metal post of a dental implant needs to be taken out. A post could need to be removed because either the tooth needs to undergo endodontic re-treatment or the post has fractured. Since it is possible to fracture or perforate the root of the tooth, it is important to see the expertly trained endodontist for treatment. This procedure is often very complex. However, it is possible to remove a post if the proper instruments and magnification are available. Several tools are used when removing broken or damaged posts. The endodontist will determine what type of tools to use depending on where the break is located.

What will the procedure be like?

The procedure will likely be performed under general anesthesia, so patients will be unconscious, and a few different methods may be used to extract the post. Threaded posts can be removed by cutting a new groove in the upper end and unscrewing it using special tools. A smooth-sided post and core is typically removed using a special post extractor. The endodontist will need to clear the area of any damage or cementing around the post as well. The post will also need to be loosened in order to be extracted and the endodontist will use a special ultrasonic system to essentially vibrate the post loose.

What happens after?

The tooth which has been worked on will require time to heal and there may be some discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription pain relievers can be used to address any pain. Similar to when the post was installed, a temporary filling may be used to seal the tooth roots. It will be important to return to the office to have the permanent crown or restoration device applied when healing is complete. This will prevent the area from becoming damaged or infected.

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