Tooth Pain

For New York City patients experiencing tooth pain, visit Dr. Harwood at his Greenwich Village practice. Here, Dr. Harwood can employ advanced endodontic procedure to relieve the discomfort.

Tooth Pain Q&A

Why does my tooth hurt?

There can be several causes for a toothache. If a person is experiencing tooth pain, pinpointing the symptoms will help the endodontist to determine the causes and the appropriate treatment options.

What if it hurts when I eat hot or cold foods?

If this pain if felt for only a few moments, it typically does not indicate a severe concern. It could be the result of minor decay, a loose filling, or by slight gum recession which has exposed small areas of the tooth’s root surface. Sensitivity can also occur after a dental procedure; this should pass after a few weeks. Patients should try toothpastes made for sensitive teeth and brushing up and down with a soft bristle brush. If this is ineffective after about a week, or if the pain gets worse, see the endodontist.

What if there is a sharp pain when biting down on food?

This could be caused by decay, a loose filling, or crack in the tooth. The pulp tissue could also be damaged. Visit the office for an evaluation. If the problem is pulp tissue damage, the endodontist will likely perform a root canal to clean out the damaged pulp, fill the root canals, and seal the remaining space.

What if there is lingering pain after eating hot or cold foods?

This generally means that the pulp tissue has been irrevocably damaged by severe decay or physical trauma. Visiting the endodontist can save the tooth from extraction.

What if I experience constant, severe pain and pressure, swelling of gum, and sensitivity to touch?

The tooth could be abscessed which causes an infection to develop in the neighboring tissue and bone. Treatment from the endodontist can relieve the pain and save the tooth. Over-the-counter painkillers can be used until patients visit the office.

There is a dull ache and pressure around my upper teeth and jaw. What does that mean?

Grinding of teeth, or bruxism, can cause this type of discomfort. The pain of a sinus pressure can also be felt in the face and teeth. For bruxism, consult the doctor. For a sinus headache, patients can use over-the-counter medications. If pain is persistent, visit the endodontist for an assessment.

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