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Inter-office correspondence is of utmost importance for the success of every patient’s treatment plan. We will work closely with your office to access past medical/ dental records and exchange all information pertinent to case resolution in order to provide your patients with the optimal treatment. As we explain to patients, that the treatment they will receive in our office is part of a process of achieving optimal oral health, and that the success of endodontic treatment is a direct correlation to compliance and follow-up with their general dentist.

Referral Cards

We have developed several methods to make working together more efficient, one of which is our referral cards, designed to introduce our office and procedure to your patients. Since we heavily rely on written communication from your office, these user-friendly cards require minimal writing and yet, convey proposed treatment in a concise manner. If you don’t yet have any of our cards, we’ll be more than happy to deliver some to you. Another method is to use facsimile transmission and telecommunication for interactive treatment planning. If we are uncertain about a tooth number we will call to verify. By open communication, the incidence of unnecessary problems is decreased and specified treatment is achieved.

Working With Your Office as a Team

While your patient is in our care, we are pleased to reinforce your entire treatment plan, provided we are afforded one. Part of our commitment to the team approach to dentistry is to work closely with your office and assist you in any way that we can. Whether your patient has a single visit, or receives ongoing care in our office, you will be kept informed of the care that your patient receives. Throughout your patients’ treatment, we will send evaluations and progress reports to keep you fully informed as to the status of your patient. You are also invited to observe any case/treatment that you particularly interested in. At the completion of treatment, we may schedule a post-operative visit, which gives us the opportunity to review the results and reinforce the need for restorative care as recommended by you. We may also arrange an appointment at your office to ensure that the patient recognizes the importance of the restorative visit and ongoing, regular care.

Customer Service

Keeping patients relaxed throughout treatment is one of our primary goals. For comfort and convenience, we offer the following amenities:

  • Enjoyable reading material in our reception room • Refreshing bottled water
  • Full-length bibs to protect clothing during treatment • Protective eyewear (aromatherapy/ disposable eye cover)
  • Soothing music/sound therapy
  • Moistened towelettes
  • Personable & professionally trained staff
  • State of the art technique and apparatus
  • Stress reduction protocol

We provide a courtesy post-operative phone call to check on their recovery and follow-up status

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